Attributes of Allah (SWT) And their Meanings

Attributes of Allah (SWT) And their Meanings


Allah (SWT) is the Creator of all beings and He (SWT) is the Well- Organizer to establish the system of whole Universe and its belongings as well. That is why, Who claims of Creator, so He must have all the attributes which are essential to control the each bit of Universe including the hidden factors. Several kings have claimed on the planet to be a Creator but because of not proving the claims thus eventually has to meet the horrible destruction.

There is big example of Pharaoh who claimed to be a real lord but when Prophet Musa (AS) asked for rising the sun, thus he failed in his statement.

  1. Ar-Rahman: The Most Gracious
  2. Ar-Rahim: The Most Merciful
  3. Al-Malik: The Sovereign
  4. Al-Quddus: The Most Perfect
  5. As-Salaam: The Peace and Blessing
  6. Al-Mua’min: The Self Affirming
  7. Al-Muhaymin: The Guardian
  8. Al-Aziz: The Most Honorable
  9. Al-Jabbar: The Most Powerful
  10. Al-Mutakabbir: The Self-Importantly
  11. Al-Khaliq: The Creator
  12. Al-Bari: The Rightful
  13. Al-Mussawir: The Greatest Artist
  14. Al-Ghaffar: The Eternally Forgiver
  15. Al-Qahhar: The All Destroyer
  16. Al-Wahhab: The Unlimited Giver
  17. Ar-Razzaq: The Limitless Provider
  18. Al-Fattah: The Victorious
  19. Al-Aleem: The All Knowing
  20. Al-Qabid: The Restrainer
  21. Al-Basit: The Most Bountiful
  22. Al-Khafid: The Hidden
  23. Ar-Rafi’e: The Exalter
  24. Al-Mu’ezz: The Most Honorable
  25. Al-Mudhell: The Giver of Dishonor
  26. As-Sami’e: The All Hearing
  27. Al-Baseer: The All Seeing
  28. Al-Hakam: The Arbitrator
  29. Al-Adl: The Utterly Just
  30. Al-Lateef: The Subtly Kind
  31. Al-Khabeer: The All Aware
  32. Al-Haleem: The Most Generous
  33. Al-Azeem: The Glorious
  34. Al-Ghafoor: The Greatest Forgiver
  35. Al-Shakoor: The Grateful
  36. Al-Aliyy: The Sublimely Dignified
  37. Al-Kabeer: The Exalted
  38. Al-Hafeez: The Protector
  39. Al-Muqeet: The Nourisher
  40. Al-Haseeb: The Reckoner
  41. Al-Jaleel: The Magnificent
  42. Al-Kareem: The bountiful
  43. Ar-Raqeeb: The Attentive
  44. Al-Mujeeb: The Responsive
  45. Al-Wasse’e: The All Surrounding
  46. Al-Hakeem: The Wise
  47. Al-Wadud: The Loving, The King One
  48. Al-Majeed: The All Glorious
  49. Al-Ba’ith: The Raiser of Dead
  50. Ash-Shahid: The Witness
  51. Al-Haqq: The Truth
  52. Al-Wakeel: The Trustee
  53. Al-Qawee; The Powerful
  54. Al-Mateen; The Steadfast
  55. Al-Walee: The Benefactor

Attributes of Allah (SWT) And their Meanin

  1. Al-Hamid: The All Praiseworthy
  2. Al-Muhsi: The Numberer of All
  3. Al-Mubdi: The Initiator of All
  4. Al-Mu’id: The Reinstater
  5. Al-Muhyi: The Giver of Life
  6. Al-Mumit: The Destroyer
  7. Al-Hayy: The Ever Existing
  8. Al-Qayyum: The Self Subsisting Sustainer of All
  9. Al-Wajid: The Unfailing
  10. Al-Majid: The Eminent
  11. Al-Wahid: The Only One
  12. Al-Ahad: The Indivisible
  13. Al-Samad: The Self Suffient
  14. Al-Qadir: The All Controller
  15. Al-Muqtadir: The All Governing
  16. Al-Muqaddim: The Expeditor Who Brings Forward
  17. Al-Mu’akhir: The Delayer Who Puts Far Away
  18. Al-Awwal: The Initial
  19. Al-Akhir: The Ultimate
  20. Al-Zahir: The Apparent
  21. Al-Batin: The Hidden
  22. Al-Waali: The Patron
  23. Al-Muta’ali: The Self Exalted
  24. Al-Barr: The Most Benevolent
  25. Al-Tawwab; The Ever Returning, Ever Relenting
  26. Al-Muntaqim: The Punisher
  27. Al-Afuww: The Pardoner

Certainly, Allah (SWT) forgives all the sins of man when he pardons his sins particularly in the Holy sanctuary of Mecca by performing the pilgrimage (Hajj).

Thus, if you are not able to do the main pilgrimage (Hajj) then you have to distract your devotion into performing the Umrah. So, cheap Umrah Packages 2019 will take you more close to Allah (SWT). Allah’s Apostle told that Umrah is the atonement of all previous sins. Surely, Umrah is the non-mandatory Ibadah but in Islam, it has incredible meaning.

 A massive amount of pilgrims make sure their arrangements in the month of Ramadan as they grasp the means of this sacred month because Allah (SWT) bestows His sanctifications upon the earth throughout the Ramadan. Moreover, the Holy Quran was started to reveal in this holy month, thus Allah (SWT) much likes Ramadan rather than common days. Since all the bad spirits are arrested and put into the dungeons in the month of Ramadan, so there are very fewer chances to astray the man into wrong ways.

As pilgrims are in the compassionate state for the duration in the sacred month of Ramadan, so Allah (SWT) surely accepts their pray and regards with huge reward even equal to Hajj. Once Allah’s Apostle asked a woman why she had not performed the Hajj with her family, so she replied that her family had only two camels in which one was set for the journey of Hajj by her husband and son while the second one was being used for domestic essentials.

At that, Allah’s Apostle suggested her to perform Umrah in the month of Ramadan to make the virtues equal to Hajj. So, if you want to get the Hajj’s equal reward, then Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 will increase your virtues. However, there are some conditions which pilgrims must have their knowledge. Therefore, before going to perform Umrah it is compulsory for pilgrims that they are not allowed to perform Umrah unless they fulfill their family amenities.

Attributes of Allah (SWT) And their Meaning

  1. Al-Ra’uf: The Compassionate
  2. Malik-al-Mulk: The Keeper of All Sovereignty
  3. Zul-Jalal-e-Wal-Ikram: The Lord of Majesty and Generosity
  4. Al-Muqsit: The Fair
  5. Al-Jami’e: The Unifier
  6. Al-Ghani: The Self Governing
  7. Al-Mughni: The Emancipator
  8. Al-Mani’e: The Defender
  9. Ad-Darr: The Distressor
  10. An-Nafi’e: The Benefactor
  11. An-Nur: The Light
  12. Al-Hadi: The Conductor
  13. Al-Badi: The Incomparable
  14. Al-Baqi: The Ever Survivable
  15. Al-Waris: The Master of All
  16. Ar-Rashid: The Guide
  17. As-Sabur: The Resolute

Sahih Muslim (the second authentic Hadith)

Sahih Muslim (the second authentic Hadith)


Sahih Muslim is the second authentic book of Hadith which is written by Ibn Al-Hajjaj also known as Imam Muslim. Imam Muslim started to collect the narrations over 250 years after the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Muslim ibn Al-Hajjaj was born in 204 AH (817/18CE) in Iran. To collect the authentic narrations, he traveled in the whole Arab Peninsula, Syria, and Egypt.

The criteria of Imam Muslim regarding the collection of narrations was different to Al-Bukhari. He made different domains of life and met with those companions of Prophet who were typically belonged to that domain. That scientific method proved the authenticity of all the narrations from the Muslims.

Thus, in this regard, he preserved 300,000 narrations and refined them. Muslims consider the most authentic Hadith of Kutub Al-Sittah after the Al-Bukhari. However, being a reliable manuscript it guides the people in the right direction when they could not find the solution of any complication in Al-Bukhari.

There are several solutions to life’s issues which are not mentioned in the Holy Quran such as additional prayers and Umrah etc. Therefore, if you want to perform Umrah through any Umrah Package then you will get the maximum information from Sahih Muslim Hadith which will guide you the best.

About Umrah there is an authentic Hadith in which the Prophet of God said, Umrah is the atonement of all previous sins. Another place, Allah’s Apostle said, if the person is financially and physically capable he/she must perform Umrah.



Sahih Muslim (the second authentic Hadith


As according to Hadith Umrah in Ramadan is equal to Hajj’s reward, so if you want to get the Hajj’s equal reward then Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 will increase your virtues a lot. Because the Prophet of God said, the execution of Umrah in Ramadan is equal to Hajj’s reward.

Yet, there are also several Hadiths regarding conditions of Umrah’s performing which you must follow. For example, you are not allowed to perform Umrah unless you fulfill the family amenities. Moreover, you should physically fit because it has mostly seen that several people skip the Umrah because of the hot season, particularly in Ramadan.

So, if you find some of the complications then Cheap Umrah Packages 2019 would be the best option. In this spell, the people almost have finished their all kinds of works and have free time. Additionally, the abundant winter leaves further add the advantages in Umrah arrangements. Nevertheless, you can find all the Sunnah and wording of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) about the Umrah. Thus, must consult the authentic Hadiths before going to proceed the Umrah.

Origin of Idolatry

Since there is no clearly mentioned about the origin of Idolatry how the people indulged in such unpardoned sin. However, after the Holy Quran, Sahih Hadiths the Kutub Al-Sittah are considered the authentic evidence which explains all the events from Adam to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by the sayings of Allah’s Apostle himself as well.

As well as the concern of Origin of Idolatry, so the Prophet of God informed that there was a huge period between the Prophet Adam and Noah (AS). Almost ten generations passed their lives during this long era. After the Prophet Adam, the people had strong faith in the oneness of God but as time had been passed the numbers of righteous people decreased.

Eventually, finding the big opportunity the Satan began to do his wrong action. Satan did not directly persuade the people towards idolatry but he put the wrong idea in the minds of people that they must erect the signs of most righteous people including Adam’s statues to remember them.

Thus, in the remembrance of Adam and after him the righteous men the people formed the statutes. After a long time, Satan directly convinced the offspring of Adam into idolatry, so Allah (SWT) sent Noah to stop them from idol worshiping.

However, if Allah wants to forgive the immense sins he will pardon except Shirk (associate with other). Thus, we should away from the act of Shirk as much as possible so that our actions may not consider as associating something else with Allah (SWT) because this is an unpardoned sin.

Yet, as you realize such activity even just a little bit, meanwhile you pray for the salvation of that act. And the best place is the Kaaba (The House of God) where Allah (SWT) does not reject the call. Thus, if you want to get the Divine’s meditation then through Cheap Umrah Packages 2019 you can reach easily at such sanctified place.


Origin of Idolatry

Most pilgrims make their arrangements in the holy month of Ramadan as in this month they are very near to Divine’s focus. Because of having the Fasting state the pilgrims are in a sympathetic form that is why Allah (SWT) accepts their humbleness. Moreover, in this holy spell pilgrims also acquire the abundant reward as Ramadan multiplies the virtues more than seventy times. Thus, just grasp the 5 star Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 which will increase your intrinsic worth.

On the other hand, you must have complete knowledge about the conditions of Umrah because you can never proceed Umrah unless you have not fulfilled your domestic necessaries. Besides, you must have good fitness and many more. But, if unfortunately, you could not fulfill these conditions, so the best option is December Umrah Package 2019 in all aspects.

As in this spell, man has fulfilled all the family’s essentials and have much savings. Moreover, the climate is so friendly which could not create difficulties such as hotness or tropical sun-rays. That is the reason to choose this spell from the pilgrims who belong to Europe countries as they find the winter most suitable term regarding executing the Umrah as well.

Nevertheless, you must avoid the Shirk during the Umrah particularly at the time of kissing Black Stone or Circumambulation around the Kaaba or Safa and Marwa hills.

Hagar Made Seven Tawaf around the Safa and Marwa Hills

When Allah (SWT) ordered the Prophet Abraham (AS) to leave his family on its fate, Abraham immediately fulfilled the order of God and left his family behind. Hagar the wife of Abraham (AS) passed enough time in the deserted sanctuary with her baby-boy and at last she had to meet the lack of food as well as water. After ending the preserved water, her baby-boy felt severe thirst and began to cry. Mother could not see her son crying, so she ran towards nearby hills in the search of water.

Since the deserted sanctuary was full of danger, thus she sometimes came back to see her baby boy and again climbed up the Safa and Marwa hills to find the liquid. During hence and forth from her baby-boy to Safa and Marwa hills, there had completed seven circles. It was also the hard test of Allah (SWT) to Abraham’s family. At last, water spurted at the place of her baby-boy where he was crying for thirst.

Thus, she removed the thirst of her son and thanked God. However, God so much liked the act of Hagar seven circles around the Safa and Marwa hills that Allah (SWT) made it compulsory rite to offer during the Hajj or Umrah. So, if you have planned to perform Umrah through any Cheap Umrah Packages 2019 then you must not miss the rite of seven circles otherwise your Umrah will not be completed.


Hagar Made Seven Tawaf around the Safa and Marwa Hill

Pilgrims who are very conscious regarding the salvation they make the plan in the holy month of Ramadan as they know that this is the month of giving huge reward and Divine’s concentration. Since God likes this spell more than seventy time rather than other days, so it increases the virtues more than seventy times. Thus, Last 10 Days Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 will increase your intrinsic worth.

But, before selecting the Ramadan spell you have to know the complete information about the rites of Umrah and its conditions. You are not scholarly allowed to execute the Umrah unless you provide the domestic essentials to your family. Therefore, if you could not do so, then Umrah Package will be the best option as well.

Easy Booking of 2019 Ramadan Umrah Packages for UK Muslims

Various Muslims living in various parts of the world long for performing Umrah by setting out on an adventure to the heavenly city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia from their place of living arrangement. This Islamic journey is otherwise called the ‘lesser journey’ or the ‘minor journey’ regularly in contrast with the real journey of Hajj.

At the point when contrasted with Hajj, the minor journey isn’t necessary. Be that as it may, it is the Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and hence, it has its very own uncommon place in Islam. The lesser journey can be performed inside a couple of hours, as it includes lesser customs than Hajj.

Modest Umrah Packages by Umrah Experts UK

For Muslims living in the United Kingdom, the adventure from their place of home to Makkah is a significant long one. The costs engaged with making this expedition from the UK to the sacred city of Makkah isn’t frequently reasonable for a large number of the nation’s Muslims.

So as to make the lesser journey simple and to lessen the general expense of the adventure, a considerable lot of the visit administrators or travel organizations offering the Islamic religious visits offer an extensive variety of packages. The affordable Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 offered by some of them have helped a considerable lot of the UK Muslims in a previous couple of years to decrease the cost associated with making this journey.

5 Star Luxury Accommodations

For the individuals who are not worried about expenses, there are some top of the line Hajj and Umrah packages that incorporate remains in any of the exquisite 5 Star hotels of Makkah other than flights of the main carriers. As a large portion of the 5 Star hotels is found near the Masjid e Haram, the ones booking such Cheap Umrah Packages 2019 can have more noteworthy accommodation in getting to the sacred mosque.

They can likewise play out every one of the ceremonies of Umrah with finish true serenity. The most recent pleasantries offered in such hotels would make their stay genuinely charming and noteworthy. So, be fast to book your deals for the religious obligation and attain the prodigious blessings of Allah the Creator.

Difference between Al-Quran and Al-Hadith



Certainly, both the Quran and Hadith are the savior of manhood and they create an immense harmony to manage the worldly domains as well.

Indeed, Al-Quran is the last and final dispensation not for one nation but for the whole mankind. This final book was revealed on the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) by the Divinity in some particular spells when there was dire need to give the commandment of Allah (SWT) for the believers and disbelievers.

Since Allah (SWT) promises to save the Holy Quran, that’s why no one could change even single verse despite extreme efforts. Truly, Al-Quran is the guidance of man and Allah (SWT) leads man to the right path which rescues mankind from the fire of hell.

But, all is not mentioned in such Holy Book because of not learning it by heart. If Allah (SWT) explained each little bit issue of life in the Holy Quran then it would consist of countless words which were obviously difficult to learn it by heart for mankind. Since Allah (SWT) filled the Prophet’s heart with His beacon of light from His supreme knowledge, so the Prophet of God used his own mind and told the common issues of worldly fields to create the harmony in the life of man.

Thus, the words and actions of Muhammad (SAW) being practical, were solved each subject of life by using his own reason. The Companions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) meanwhile started to write the words and action from the Prophet of God for the coming generation (Muslim Ummah).

There are several Hadiths in which most authentic are called the Kutub Al-Sittah (Comprising of sixth Books) which are written by the Sahaba and preserved by the authentic scholars.

Since the base of Islam depends upon the five pillars of Islam which are apparently mentioned in the Holy Quran but about their details is found in the Hadiths. Moreover, the additional prayers and the optional Ibadah such as Umrah explanation is also found in the authentic Hadiths.

difference betweenal-quranandalhadith

Thus, if you want to perform Umrah through any Cheap Umrah Packages 2019 then you must take support from Hadiths. There is clearly mentioned in Hadith that Umrah is the atonement of all previous sins. So, the person must proceed it if he/she is financially and physically capable. Another, Hadith explains that Umrah in Ramadan is equal to Hajj.

Once the Prophet of God enquired a woman who did not perform the Hajj. She affirmed by saying that she is not able to perform it. Hence the Prophet of God said, you perform Umrah in Ramadan because it is equal to hajj’s reward. Therefore, if you want to get the Hajj’s equal reward then Ramadan Umrah Package will increase your virtues a lot. However, you are not scholarly allowed to perform Umrah unless you fulfilled the family’s amenities.


So, first of all, you should provide the essentials to your family then you may arrange your preparation regarding the execution of Umrah. Since Umrah can be performed in any time of the year, so your focus must be on such spell which could be proved the suitable Umrah experience.

Thus, Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 is the most suitable spell because in this time of the year pilgrims are very relaxed from the hassle of life such as providing the domestic supplies, education and business stress.

Moreover, there is a friendly climate which could not disturb your Umrah if you could not bear the hot climate. The multitudes who come from cool countries such as European zone they definitely prefer the winter season.

Nevertheless, Hadiths are the source of information regarding Umrah performing, so you must consult the authentic Hadiths.

Hazrat Umar (R.A) said to Black Stone (Hijr e Aswad)

Hazrat Umar (R.A) said to Black Stone (Hijr e Aswad)

There are several disputes have been generated in the history of Islam in the matter of kissing the Black Stone by the Satan. Few Muslims communities have been considered as shirk to kiss the Black Stone.

But during the Hajj or Umrah, it is a very compulsory rite that could not be left because the Prophet of God kissed it. All Muslims know that to kiss the stone as well as other motionless object considering them sanctified is ignorance. On the other hand, regardless Black Stone, indeed it is sanctified because it has been sent from Heaven by Allah (SWT).

However, pilgrims should just kiss it but not expect benefits. Because the second Caliph of Islam Hazrat Umar (RA) said to Black Stone while circumambulation around it,’’  I am just kissing you as to follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and I know you are just stone for me that cannot give loss or benefit.

Nevertheless, if you go to Mecca to perform Umrah through any Cheap Umrah Packages 2019 then you should not pause to kiss the Black Stone Hijr e Aswad) by paying no attention to Satan persuasion.

You should think at the time of kissing Black Stone that, I am just here to acquire the goodness and piety.

Thus, if you are interested to acquire more than seventy times reward then Umrah Package 2019 would be the best option in this regard.

Hijr e Aswad

However, before going for Umrah in Ramadan spell or any other time, you must fulfill your family provisions and after that, you are scholarly allowed to proceed Umrah.

Therefore, if there are some problems in Ramadan then the best time is the Cheap Ramadan Umrah Package 2019 if you could not undertake the domestic supplies.

There are many another advantage in this month such as abundant winter leaves, free from the hassle of life, free from business and many more.

The people who are habitual to live under the moderate or cool climate they prefer the winter spell because this is a most suitable spell for them regarding execution Umrah as well as a visit to other Islamic places.