Metaphysical Journey from Al-Haram to seven Heavens

No doubt the Muhammad (SAW) was the influential Prophet to trial rather than others Messengers of God, that’s why Allah-almighty pulled Him very close with the appropriate Divine system during His material life.

As the flow of Divine which has continued next twenty-three years, had begun and the Prophet of God openly proclaimed the Oneness of Allah-Almighty. As a result, the chiefs of Quraysh bitterly against Him but Muhammad (SAW) remained steadfast and face all the challenges with dignity.

Meanwhile, God sent Jibrael (AS) to receipt to Muhammad (SAW) from earth to Heavens. At the time of Israa the Muhammad (SAW) was profound sleeping and first of all Jibrael (AS) transformed His worldly heart into Celestial heart, so that it could bear the Divine journey as well as the presence of God. Because, before the Holy Prophet (SAW) the Muses (AS) and His nation could not survive in the front of just little bit God’s light at insisting to examine the existence of Allah-Almighty by their own eyes.

After changing the Heart, the Metaphysical journey had started which was beyond of worldly journey and there was no condition of time and space. There are several myths about this journey, some people say the time was stopped and some give another reason. Actually, the time and space are not circled with a planetary system, and that’s why at the arrival of Muhammad (SAW) as the worldly journey started, so everything was same as He (SAW) left.

Thus, along with Jibrael (AS), the Prophet of God reached in no time at farthest Mosque (Jerusalem) and then set off for above heaven ways. He (SAW) met each Messenger of God such as Adam (AS), Jesus (AS), Yousuf (AS), Yahiya (AS), Idris (AS), Ibrahim (AS) and Moses (AS) gradually at each Heaven.

Suddenly, the Jibrael (AS) stopped at one point, asking behind reason, the Jibrael (AS) said,’’ No substance is allowed to enter in such point because behind the curtain there is the existence of God.

In this way, Allah-Almighty gave the package of prayers to make sure the entree in Paradise for the nation of Muhammad (SAW).

Need for consideration is that how much our beloved Prophet (SAW) worried about His nation (us) to rescue from Hell’s fire. And for that purpose Muhammad (SAW) also demanded more chances to salvation and Allah-Almighty bestowed the nation of Muhammad (SAW) in the form of Umrah. Yes, the Umrah is also the salvation of sins as the Prophet of God said,’’ Umrah is the atonement of whole previous sins”. Therefore, if you are capable of Umrah then you must grab the cheap Umrah Packages 2019 and fulfill such lesser pilgrimage.

Most multitudes have craze to acquire the virtues that’s why they prefer Ramadan spell as in this month they get more than seventy times rewards as compared to common days. Moreover, in the Ramadan pilgrims have special Divine’s concentration because God loves so much as the Holy Book of Quran was revealed in this sanctified spell.

If you are greedy regarding earning the maximum rewards then Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 would be the finest Umrah experience as well.

Nevertheless, before making arrangements you must keep in your knowledge that to perform Umrah in Ramadan is not essential as several people consider it compulsory. The scholarly suggestion is that, firstly you should fulfill your family’s amenities then you are supposed to touch the Kaaba. Consequently, your focus should be on a suitable time and in this regard the December Umrah Package 2019 would be the best option because in this month the man has almost accomplished his domestic necessaries.

Furthermore, the people having a keen desire to perform Umrah can make all the arrangements easily in this month as well.

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