The first Umrah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

As the Allah (SWT) declared the Nabowat on Muhammad (SAW) the infidels started to make jokes in the very start. Meanwhile, they realized that the Muhammad (SAW) really a Messenger of God, they felt threaten of Islam dominance. However, they started to increase the pressure on the Prophet of God and His followers.

At one occasion the chiefs of Quraysh also sent the delegation to the care Uncle of Muhammad (SAW) that he should catch Muhammad hands to preaching the oneness of God (Tauheed). But, on the other hand, the Prophet of God remained steadfast and did not lose His heart.

Eventually, the chiefs of Quraysh determined to assassinate of Muhammad (SAW) and meanwhile the Messenger of Allah (SWT) had to leave the Mecca by the Divine’s order.

In this way, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) migrated from Mecca to Medina because the multitudes of Medina already eagerly waiting for Him. They had read the prediction of Muhammad (SAW) in their old scripture, so they were happy to have a saviour.

Thus, they warm welcomed of Muhammad (SAW) and after constructed the Masjid e Nabwi He (SAW) had solved all their suits according to their religions. Gradually, they started to enter in the circle of Islam and in no time Islam became the mighty religion.

However, along with His followers, Muhammad (SAW) set out the journey to perform the Umrah in Mecca but as they reached near the Mecca the Muslims were stopped by the chiefs of Quraysh. Muhammad (SAW) did not want bloodshed in the Holy sanctuary, so the treaty of Hudaibiya was signed between Muslims and infidels. Externally, the treaty of Hudaibiya was one-sided but Muhammad (SAW) had deeply thought to the future which was totally the benefits of Islam.

Thus, Muslims were returned without performing the Umrah and the next year 7 AH (629 CE) Muhammad (SAW) along with his followers entered without any fear because then they had much power against the infidels of Mecca. This was the first Umrah of Muhammad (SAW) which had taken three days for its execution. After the completion of first Umrah, the Prophet of God performed more three Umrahs in His rest life.

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Plenty of people select the Ramadan time as they know that this month there are several chances to salvation and man gets hajj’s equal reward. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said the execution of Umrah in Ramadan is equal to Hajj’s reward.

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However, before selecting any package you must have known about the rituals of Umrah as well as a scholarly recommendation because you are not allowed to perform Umrah unless you fulfil the domestic requirements.

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What you prefer the package, your Umrah just for getting the bliss of Allah (SWT) and not a little bit show-offy.

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