Hagar Made Seven Tawaf around the Safa and Marwa Hills

When Allah (SWT) ordered the Prophet Abraham (AS) to leave his family on its fate, Abraham immediately fulfilled the order of God and left his family behind. Hagar the wife of Abraham (AS) passed enough time in the deserted sanctuary with her baby-boy and at last she had to meet the lack of food as well as water. After ending the preserved water, her baby-boy felt severe thirst and began to cry. Mother could not see her son crying, so she ran towards nearby hills in the search of water.

Since the deserted sanctuary was full of danger, thus she sometimes came back to see her baby boy and again climbed up the Safa and Marwa hills to find the liquid. During hence and forth from her baby-boy to Safa and Marwa hills, there had completed seven circles. It was also the hard test of Allah (SWT) to Abraham’s family. At last, water spurted at the place of her baby-boy where he was crying for thirst.

Thus, she removed the thirst of her son and thanked God. However, God so much liked the act of Hagar seven circles around the Safa and Marwa hills that Allah (SWT) made it compulsory rite to offer during the Hajj or Umrah. So, if you have planned to perform Umrah through any Cheap Umrah Packages 2019 then you must not miss the rite of seven circles otherwise your Umrah will not be completed.


Hagar Made Seven Tawaf around the Safa and Marwa Hill

Pilgrims who are very conscious regarding the salvation they make the plan in the holy month of Ramadan as they know that this is the month of giving huge reward and Divine’s concentration. Since God likes this spell more than seventy time rather than other days, so it increases the virtues more than seventy times. Thus, Last 10 Days Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 will increase your intrinsic worth.

But, before selecting the Ramadan spell you have to know the complete information about the rites of Umrah and its conditions. You are not scholarly allowed to execute the Umrah unless you provide the domestic essentials to your family. Therefore, if you could not do so, then Umrah Package will be the best option as well.

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