Origin of Idolatry

Since there is no clearly mentioned about the origin of Idolatry how the people indulged in such unpardoned sin. However, after the Holy Quran, Sahih Hadiths the Kutub Al-Sittah are considered the authentic evidence which explains all the events from Adam to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by the sayings of Allah’s Apostle himself as well.

As well as the concern of Origin of Idolatry, so the Prophet of God informed that there was a huge period between the Prophet Adam and Noah (AS). Almost ten generations passed their lives during this long era. After the Prophet Adam, the people had strong faith in the oneness of God but as time had been passed the numbers of righteous people decreased.

Eventually, finding the big opportunity the Satan began to do his wrong action. Satan did not directly persuade the people towards idolatry but he put the wrong idea in the minds of people that they must erect the signs of most righteous people including Adam’s statues to remember them.

Thus, in the remembrance of Adam and after him the righteous men the people formed the statutes. After a long time, Satan directly convinced the offspring of Adam into idolatry, so Allah (SWT) sent Noah to stop them from idol worshiping.

However, if Allah wants to forgive the immense sins he will pardon except Shirk (associate with other). Thus, we should away from the act of Shirk as much as possible so that our actions may not consider as associating something else with Allah (SWT) because this is an unpardoned sin.

Yet, as you realize such activity even just a little bit, meanwhile you pray for the salvation of that act. And the best place is the Kaaba (The House of God) where Allah (SWT) does not reject the call. Thus, if you want to get the Divine’s meditation then through Cheap Umrah Packages 2019 you can reach easily at such sanctified place.


Origin of Idolatry

Most pilgrims make their arrangements in the holy month of Ramadan as in this month they are very near to Divine’s focus. Because of having the Fasting state the pilgrims are in a sympathetic form that is why Allah (SWT) accepts their humbleness. Moreover, in this holy spell pilgrims also acquire the abundant reward as Ramadan multiplies the virtues more than seventy times. Thus, just grasp the 5 star Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 which will increase your intrinsic worth.

On the other hand, you must have complete knowledge about the conditions of Umrah because you can never proceed Umrah unless you have not fulfilled your domestic necessaries. Besides, you must have good fitness and many more. But, if unfortunately, you could not fulfill these conditions, so the best option is December Umrah Package 2019 in all aspects.

As in this spell, man has fulfilled all the family’s essentials and have much savings. Moreover, the climate is so friendly which could not create difficulties such as hotness or tropical sun-rays. That is the reason to choose this spell from the pilgrims who belong to Europe countries as they find the winter most suitable term regarding executing the Umrah as well.

Nevertheless, you must avoid the Shirk during the Umrah particularly at the time of kissing Black Stone or Circumambulation around the Kaaba or Safa and Marwa hills.

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