The first lady of Mecca who accepted Islam


After the declaration of Prophethood, the first lady who accepted Islam was Hazrat Khadija (RA).

She was the richest lady of Mecca who married with Muhammad (SAW) because of finding him the trustworthy regarding trading the yields from Mecca to others states of Arab Peninsula.

Coming back with huge profits to Syria, the servant of Khadija (RA) told about the just dealing of Muhammad (SAW) to her. So, she much impressed and sent the proposal to Muhammad (SAW) for marriage. The Prophet of God accepted even she was 15 years older than Muhammad (SAW).

She remained compatible with Muhammad (SAW) regarding each matter of life particularly when the first revelation revealed in Cave of Hira.

When the angel came with a first Divine message, so Muhammad (SAW) was very confused even would felt shivering. And Hazrat Khadija (RA) covered him with her shawl and after calmative, she took him to the Warqa Bin Nofal (Christian pop). She explained the situation and he predicted the Prophethood.

Eventually, after the declaration of Prophethood, Hazrat Khadija (RA) admitted and accepted Islam. She was a good supporter of Muhammad (SAW) as well as Islam. She died at the ripe age of 65 years in 619 CE. The year is also called the Year of Sorrow because two great influential figures like Hazrat Khadija (RA) and Prophet’s caring Uncle Hazrat Abu Talib left this world.

Hazrat Khadija was the obedient wife and her life is the beacon of light for Muslim women. She was buried in Jannat Al-Mu’alla near the Al-Haram.

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Eventually, the Conquest of Mecca was proved the proceeding of Umrah

On the occasion of the Treaty of Hudaibiya in 628, an agreement was signed regarding the 10-year truce. The treaty was broken from Quraysh when they attacked the Banu Khunza who became allies of the Muslim. On the other hand, the Banu Bakar joined Quraysh, thus treaty could not remain its time period and the Muslims were committed to saving the Mecca from bloodshed.

The Muslims under the dynamic leadership of Muhammad (SAW) entered in Mecca on Wednesday 29th November 629, 6 Ramadan 8 AH. Since the migration from Mecca to Medina proved positive for Islam and plenty of masses entered in the circle of Islam, that’s why Muslim had much power rather than Quraysh. As the head of infidels, Abu Sufyan examined the much power of Muslim army he took aside. Eventually, the Abu Sufyan accepted Islam and also became the allies of the Muslim as a warrior.

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Consequently, as the Muhammad (SAW) announced that,’’ Someone will be safe, even who enters in the house of Abu Sufyan, who lay down arms and who locks his door, so the dust of shriek made noisy the whole environment from the people.

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The most familiar Battles occurred in Mecca and Medina


Since, after the Jesus (PBUH) the mankind stood on the verge of chaos and there was a dire need to a Messenger. The Muhammad (SAW) who had all the qualities which are required for Prophet. The most important matter was that the Muhammad (SAW) analyzed the existence of the universe and all the creatures. And we come to know the first revelation was comprised on the facts behind the existence of man.

When the Jibrael (AS) came and He said,’’ Read the name of thy Lord who created the man.” So, this first verse clues that the Prophet (SAW) was thinking who is the founder of man? And that’s why God informed through an angel.

Hence, according to the second verse “created the man with congealed blood’. Thus second verse also depicts that Muhammad (SAW) was thinking actually how the man came into being? And God revealed the secret. According to the third verse “Read and Thy Lord is most bountiful who taught the man with a pen”. It means When Jibrael (AS) said “Read,” the Prophet Muhamad (SAW) said,’’ I can’t read”. Therefore considerable thing is that why God revealed the third verse which does not have a direct concern with first and second verse, so it means it was the reply of Muhammad (SAW) regarding “how could I read while I can’t read. That’s why God said, follow me as I learn to the man with the pen but you are the most prominent who will be educated from my direct knowledge light.

In this way, the Muhammad (SAW) proclaimed the oneness of God and infidels could not digest such behavior and eventually had become the bitter enemy of Muhammad (SAW) as well as Islam.

In such a delicate situation, Muhammad (SAW) remained steadfast and continued the preaching of Islam and encountered all the challenges with great courage.

After the migration from Mecca to Medina several people entered in the circle of Islam and the first Battle known as the Battle of Badar took place at the field of Badar between disbelievers and Muslims. Allah-Almighty helped Muslims with angels as warriors and Islam got the first victory. You must visit such a place if you go to Mecca through cheap Umrah Packages 2019 regarding the execution of Umrah.

The second most important event took place at the Mountain Uhud where the Muslims met with a huge loss as not following the instruction of Muhammad (SAW). Next was the Battle of Trench, where the Pagan Arabs had to carry the several corpses. Eventually, the final was Conquest of Mecca and Islam had emerged the true faith not only in the peninsula of the Arab but whole planet.

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